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Increase your companies efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and save money with our low energy, high performance computers.

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Solve todays real world Business IT problems in a modern and elegant way with Tranquil's computer packages.

Server Consolidation

Consolidate your old server equipment into a virtual infrastructure with our C3 enterprise and server solutions.

At Tranquil IT we are passionate about providing comprehensive well thought out IT solutions and in this modern world and we know the perfect IT solution cannot be one that does not take energy consumption and sustainability into account. By blending the most efficient of today's technology Tranquil are able to offer a system that outperforms standard power hungry desktops whilst allowing the customer to make significant cost and energy savings as well as reducing their carbon footprint.
Not at all, with our solutions low energy doesn't mean low performance. If you mosey over to our C3 Desktop page you'll find a real world performance comparison between an average office computer and one of our mid-range low energy C3 solutions. With an entire range of machines to choose from there's bound to be a solution that fits both your budget and performance requirements.
All C3 Desktop models currently come with a 3 year return to base hardware warranty as well as 1 years Support Plus, Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security and a 30 Gb Organite Store cloud backup account. We try to think of every eventuality at Tranquil, ensuring that your data is always in safe hands.
By popular demand the C3 Desktop packages are now available to purchase in Hardware only formats, click here for a full pricelist.
Yes, for the first year of the devices lifetime it will simply appear in your covered devices window and show an individual contract expiry date. Once the devices free year of subscription services expire the items will automatically be added to your support contract unless you specify otherwise.
Our enterprise compute units ate fully compatible with both the Xen and Vmware Hypervisors. Our Enterprise Storage units are compatible with both platforms and additionally support storage level clones for later versions of VMware Vsphere. Contact Us if you require any more information about these products.
Currently the C3 EPOS solution is only available with Organite Retail which is currently in Beta production and will be launched at the end of first half 2016. Initially the C3 EPOS unit will only be available with an Organite Retail subscription, but later will become available for general sale.
We love Science at Tranquil IT and as a result we offer generous discounts to customers in all scientific fields! You dont have to be a Lab IT manager to qualify. As long as you can prove that you work in Science then you qualify for our special discounts on our entire range of C3 products as well as on our much acclaimed support solutions and peerless consultancy services.
Work in the education sector? We cannot stress highly enough the importance of a good IT education in the modern world, but we know from working with our existing partners that some schools struggle with their tight IT budgets. Thats why every C3 product will attract a generous discount for anyone working in the Education sector and our professional services and support solutions will also be discounted, for those that require a bit of expertise as well.
Where it all began, the C3 Desktop package, provided in partnership with Samsung and Gigabyte, our C3 desktop range stretch low voltage computing to its limit to offer all of the power and performance of a normal desktop solution with a fraction of the operating costs. Want an easy, fire and forget solution with everything included? Care about our planet as well as your budget? Look no further than a Tranquil C3 Desktop solution.
The exciting new C3 Server brings affordable, high performance virtualisation to even the smallest of offices. And with an office in a box solution that provides a Full featured phone system, Business Grade Firewall, Windows Server Infrastructure and Backup Solution all in one neat, low energy, compact unit. And the C3 Server is attrctive and near silent too, meaning you won't need to find a cupboard to hide away your server equipment in. Contact Us to find out how the C3 Server can maximise your business potential.
Raw processing power and nothing more, exactly what you need for that enterprise grade Virtualisation infrastructure but at a fraction of the price of the competition. Fully compatible with both Xen and VMware our C3 compute units offer you all the performance you require at a price point that you will love. And with 3 Years warranty and our low energy technology as standard in all of our units, you can't go wrong with C3 computing technology.
The perfect partner to the C3 Compute unit, the C3 Storage unit provides high performance, low energy centralised storage with a feature list to put our competitors to shame. With Replication, Data Protection, Encryption, VMware storage level snapshotting, iSCSI and standard File Sharing all supported, our fully managed C3 Storage units are everything you could wish for. Simply plug them in and ensure that they have an internet connection and one of our team will set up the fully managed solution exactly as you require. No hassle, no worries. Just affordable, high performance shared storage for your Virtualisation infrastructure.
The exciting new C3 EPOS unit, initially the C3 EPOS will be available only as part of an Organite Retail subscription, but soon the low energy, high power low cost EPOS solution that our customers been raving about will be available to purchase unbundled, so you can gain all the cost saving benefits, with your own choice of EPOS platform.

All of our desktop computers come with 12 months Support Plus included and attract a discount over standard computers when renewing for further years.

A 12 month subscription to Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security is included with all of our desktop products.

All of our equipment is designed with energy efficiency in mind helping you to keep both your costs and your energy consumption under control. Contact us to arrange for a power usage comparison with your current solution and see how much you could save.

Our C3 Desktop solutions come complete with a 12 Month subscription to Organite Store and with full offsite cloud backup as an option on our C3 Storage units, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your data is in safe hands.

C3 Computing

Our computer packages are designed to ensure our clients ample performance whilst providing a much lower cost of operation by utilising the latest in low energy computing technologies.