We live in a time in which human impacted Climate Change cannot reasonably be denied. Information and Communication Technology (ICT), inclusive of data centres, communication networks and user devices accounted for an estimated 4-6% of global electricity use in 2020.

An increasing demand is expected to lead to even greater power use in the sector over the coming decade.

Our goal at Tranquil IT is to provide a comprehensive range of easy to use ICT products and services aimed at reducing overall energy consumption as well as limiting the wastage typically associated with traditional solutions. We achieve this both through the supply of cloud services from our purpose built Solar Powered Datacenter as well as through the use of renewable or easily recyclable components, whilst in addition providing a comprehensive recycling and re-use service for outdated hardware ensuring the minimal amount enters the waste stream.


Tranquil IT are a company of futurists, passionate about science, computing and the environment. Our passion for science leads us to consider not only the performance of the IT solutions that we provide, but also their longevity, value for money, power consumption and overall environmental impact.


The key to preventing unnecessary waste is hardware reliability. That's why all Tranquil Networks are designed and deployed using Ubiquiti products ensuring full remote manageability for the fastest support possible and constant monitoring to ensure the highest level of uptime and reliability.


According to UN findings the environmental cost of constantly replacing our devices could be more of an impact to our planet than the energy those devices consume. We encourage the responsible disposal of all obsolete technology and work together with our partner Stort Mill Recycling to ensure that Hard Drives, Memory, Motherboards, Power Supply Units and all other metal components are recycled.