Say farewell to IT headache

Business IT can be such a headache, there's Support issues, Hardware failures, Warranties, Data Backup, Internet Security ,System Security and Software Licensing to worry about on top of your own business concerns. At Tranquil IT we knew there must be a better way. Enter the Tranquil C3 range of solutions, with everything your business requires in a single package at a great low monthly rate that lets you and with the Hardware included in our packages boasting a power draw as low as 9w you can ensure that a C3 solution will allow you to make savings on your energy bills too.

Highly Efficient Solutions

Clever design and intelligent use of modern componentry allows tranquil to deliver a low power high performance unit to suit any computing requirement. From word processing to graphic design there is a C3 for any requirement.

Environmentally friendly

With a power draw from only 9w and an ultra small footprint that requires the minimum in packaging and material for production a C3 package can help you meet your environmental targets.

Increase Your Productivity

Low Energy needn't mean low performance with the new Tranquil C3 range of computer packages. Watch in the video above as our Expert unit takes on some real world competition.

Planet friendly

Combining Intelligent power management, ultra low voltage computing and LED display technology allows us to ensure tranquil computer packages are cost effective to use.

Choice of Operating Systems

The Tranquil C3 comes in either Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux or Elementary Linux offering you the freedom to choose your computing platform whatever your requirements.

Save Money

Operating at only 9w the C3 can significantly reduce electricity costs, speak to one of our staff today to arrange a free power comparison and find out how much you could save.

Cloud Options

With integrated Cloud Backup, Antivirus and Internet security all available as an option you can ensure that your C3 will be secure and with all your files securely available in the cloud you will be able to be as flexible with your working as you require.

All Inclusive

Tranquil All Inclusive packages come with your choice of Operating System, Support Plus, Internet Security, Anti-Virus, Cloud Storage and Backup included offering a simple, complete one price solution per workstation.

Hardware in Harmony

We blend the most efficient, compact and powerful range of market leading hardware to provide a range of packages to suit your requirements, we even use solar powered cordless keyboards on our Expert and Extreme models to ensure your carbon footprint is as low as possible.

Model Comparison

Model Processor Storage Additional Storage Memory Graphics
C3 Essential Intel Celeron 2.3Ghz 120GB Solid State Drive 4GB Intel HD Graphics 620
C3 Expert Intel Core i5 3.1GHz 250GB Solid State Drive 8GB Intel HD Graphics 620
C3 Executive Intel Core i7 3.5GHz 500GB Solid State Drive 16GB Intel HD Graphics 620
C3 Extreme Intel Core i7 3.5GHz 500GB Solid State Drive 2TB Hard Disk Drive 32GB Intel HD Graphics 620

Please note that our C3 range does not include a monitor, the entire C3 range includes an HDMI interface that makes connection to an existing HDMI monitor or Television childs play, if you require a monitor just let one of our sales team know and we will add one of our low energy LED options to your quotation.

Price a solution