Taking Precaution Against Coronavirus By Working Remotely: Getting Your Business Prepared

Companies all over the globe are preventing their employees from coming into work in rder to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Due to coronavirus spreading across major parts of the world and affecting thousands of people, major companies are asking their workers to work from home as a measure against the fast spreading disease. It is advised that you are to ring 111 if you are living in the UK and experiencing any of the symptoms. Following on from that, it will be instructed that you self quarantine for at least 2 weeks. This has raised concern for a lot of business owners as the rapidly-spreading disease is attacking London and causing more employees to stay at home, putting a lot of pressure on companies to operate properly.


We are able to create a backup plan so that employees are able to work from home whilst having full access to their important files, documents, and accounts

Luckily, it is possible to have a backup plan set in place ready for times like this. With the correct IT setup and facilities, users will be able to work from home without causing many implications and loss to the company. At Tranquil IT we can recommend two approaches based on the same foundation:

Remote Desktop to Machines in Your Office

This requires purchasing an SSL Certificate to secure the gateway connect and purchasing user licenses for each user that wants to work from home. This will mean that users can connect to their computers and the company network meaning they will have full access to anything saved locally on their work machines, as well as the network storage drives. Having this setup along with phone forwarding means that very few things will interrupt your business functioning as normal. This also works with Mac or Windows, so that users are able to use their own devices from home without it affecting their machine locally.

Remote Desktop to a Terminal Server that Hosts Virtual Desktops

Having this particular setup will mean not having to purchase expensive equipment for users to have at home. It only requires an inexpensive micro computer running Linux on to be purchased for users so that they are able to remote into the server on their own virtual environments.

Please get in CONTACT with us now to discuss how your business can function as normal whilst working at home and the facilities needed to do so.

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