Are you frustrated with your computer running slowly?

If UN findings are to be believed, the cost to the environment of constantly replacing our computers could be more of an impact to our planet than the energy that the devices themselves consume. No matter how you look at it, there is no question that constantly buying new hardware is as much of a waste of the planets valuable resources as it is your own.

But thanks to modern technological advances Tranquil IT can help you bring an end to this wasteful cycle by performing a simple upgrade that will allow the rest of the components in your existing hardware to reach their true potential, making it up to 40x faster.
Traditional magnetic spinning disks as shown in the slideshow below have long been the bottleneck that has prevented the other hardware within your computer from reaching its full potential. With the advent of modern solid state technology we are finally able to unlock this lost performance allowing you to ensure that your existing hardware meets its true potential helping not just your pocket, but the planet as well.

What is Solid State?

Environmentally Friendly

Most computers built in the last 8 years have components that are more than powerful enough for our modern needs. It is the old hard disk drive technology that causes the bottleneck and this is what Tranquil upgrades saving your computer from the scrapheap.

Professional Installation

Our first class engineers will carry out a Multi Point installation service, ensuring the security of your existing data and that the replacement drive fits your hardware perfectly.

Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with the performance you have gained from your upgrade? No problem, simply return your hardware to us within 14 days of installation and we will return your machine to its previous configuration and give you a full refund.

No setup period

Your machine will be returned to you, exactly as you gave it to us, just up to 40x faster. No loss of data and no need for frustrating setups, just your computer.. Faster

Wallet friendly

With prices starting at £146.99 for 120GB you can give your existing hardware a whole new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of replacing your computer.

Longer battery life

With no moving parts a solid state drive is much more efficient than a magnetic spinning disk, reducing your computers power consumption and boosting the lifetime of your laptops battery.

Our Service Includes....

Professional Analysis

Expert disassembly of your existing hardware by our peerless engineers, removing your existing storage medium.

Full Backup

A Full Backup of all your existing data is taken, before any further work is undertaken ensuring your machine can be restored to its exact state.


If necessary at this stage our engineers convert your existing hardware to allow it to accommodate Solid State Technology.


Professional installation of the Solid State Drive of your choice by our expert engineers.


Professional migration of your existing operating system, exactly as it was, complete with all your data, to your new Solid State storage.

Clean Up

Removal of unnecessary driver sets, or applications designed to maintain Magnetic Spinning Disks followed by a tweak of your OS to maximise performance on Solid State.

Select your capacity

Drive Type 120GB 240GB 500GB 1TB 2TB 4TB Installation included Money back guarantee
Samsung 750 Evo £146.99 £163.99 £215.99
Samsung 850 Evo £153.99 £171.99 £216.99 £340.99 £588.99 £1353.99
We exclusively use Samsung EVO series Solid State Drives in our upgrades.
All prices are inclusive of VAT and fitting.
Prices fluctuate regularly in line with Solid State market prices.