SubtitleTake a look into Ubiquiti’s WiFi Analysing App

Ubiquiti brought out the mobile app in late 2018 which helps monitor, analyze, and improve Wi-Fi performance.

This is a nifty app, especially for network engineers as it includes a range of different features that can be useful for optimising WiFi connection. It is also incredibly user friendly and has a sleek, easy to use interface.


Different features include a network list of nearby SSIDs with detailed signal information, a channel graph showing channels on 2.4GHz and 5GHz and shows how they are being utilised, and network discovery. It can also run a speed test to measure download and upload speeds to the closest server. Whether it’s for a home or office network, this app can be useful for identifying and analysing the network in order to help optimise the performance of your Wi-Fi. It isn’t restricted to be used solely with Ubiquiti products either and is also free without ads.

The app can also be used to help build a better Wi-Fi channel plan.


The WiFiman app can be used to view the channel graphs which display how congested the wireless is at each access point location and provides options of different channels to switch to.


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