Have you considered converting to Linux? Here are the 5 best lightweight linux distributions.

Best Lightweight Linux Distributions

Looking for a way to make good use out of an old laptop, but don't think the specs will be good enough to run the latest Windows OS? Lightweight Linux Distros may be the answer for you, and according to Foss Post there are 5 excellent ones that would be best for end-users.


Linux is quite good in that it offers a lot of options for almost any use case. A lot of you may have an old desktop or laptop thrown in some dark corners of your house, but did you know that you can fully renew it with Linux? Here are some lightweight Linux distributions that we recommend for the task.



A lot of other people and websites may recommend a totally different set of lightweight distributions for you, but in our selection, we didn’t just care for resources usage and the distro’s ability to work on old hardware. Instead, we also cared for the ease of use and your ability as a user to deal with the distribution on daily basis to do your tasks. At the end, the goal is not simply to get an old computer to just work – the goal is to get an old computer to work and do things that you need as someone living in 2020.

MATE desktop interface which was originally forked of GNOME 2.X

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