Introducing UniFi Protect

Introducing UniFi Protect

Perhaps the biggest technology story of this decade has been the emergence of the cloud. Applications based in the cloud have lead to breakthroughs in user experience, powering Industries from media streaming to social networks. However, a lot of companies (especially the IT Hardware industry) have attempted to create their own cloud marketing ploys in order to push their own cloud based products for customers. A lot of the time it will include licensing, a high product cost, and subscription based fees.


To be fair, there is one significant user-experience benefit of cloud based I.T hardware systems and that is remote connectivity — the ability to monitor and configure multiple deployments from anywhere. But could this be achieved without passing on significant costs and security concerns to the customer?


UniFi Hybrid Cloud Approach Featuring Cloud Key

Completely Private: Perhaps the general public isn’t fully aware of the magnitude of this privacy invasion. Cloud cameras forward video to 3rd party servers which means your life is really not private anymore and there is no guarantee that any recordings (including confidential events) will not be seen by others. With UniFi Protect, recorded video is kept private; away from 3rd party servers.

No Subscription Fees: While a single monthly fee might be reasonable for the convenience of a single cloud camera, the proposition for a multi-camera network and multiple subscription fees quickly becomes unreasonable. With UniFi Protect, there are no subscription fees to worry about whatsoever.


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