We are a company that is constantly improving and we work hard to bring the latest and best products and services to our clients. We use and provide Ubiquiti so that our customers have the best experience with their network.

With Ubiquiti products, we can assist you with designing, building, and improving your home or office networks to achieve your business goals and to have an efficient custom built network to suit your exact needs.

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A centrally managed solution, handled by our expert IT team.
Tailor-made systems specifically for anyone's network needs.

- Sean Watson, Managing Director of Tranquil IT

Customised to You

We can offer a set of equipment that will do exactly what you want regardless of your requirement. This means that you only pay for what you need.

Unified System

All devices communicate with a central source, which means we are able to manage your platform easily and compatibility issues are non-existent.


We pre-configure equipment before sending it on site, ensuring that it works first time every time. All equipment is tested before it leaves our premises.


Unifi® Wireless

Here are the latest UniFi Wireless products designed and suited for your network.

  • UniFi® AP HD
  • UniFi® AP SHD
  • UniFi® AP AC PRO
  • UniFi® WiFi BaseStation XG
  • UniFi® Mesh
  • UniFi® HD In-Wall

Unifi® Routing & Switching

A variety of different switches to suit your network needs.

  • UniFi® Cloud Key
  • UniFi® Security Gateway
  • UniFi® Switch PoE 24/48
  • UniFi® Switch 8
  • UniFi® Switch 16-150W
  • UniFi® Switch Flex

Unifi® Cameras

Below are the new range of Unifi video cameras.

  • UniFi® Video Camera G3
  • UniFi® Video Camera G3 Dome
  • UniFi® Video Camera G3-PRO
  • UniFi® Video G3-FLEX Camera
  • UniFi® Video Camera G4-PRO
  • UniFi® Video Camera G3 Micro
  • Powerful Hardware

  • Save money & time

  • Intuitive Software

  • Expandable


Here's the latest news and things we had to say about Ubiquiti's products - Visit our Blog page to keep up t date with any other news.

22 November 2019


By Kiara Ward

Ubiquiti’s Latest 2nd Gen UniFi switches have been completed redesigned to be quieter, more powerful and incredibly redundant.

16 December 2019

Introducing UniFi Protect

By Kiara Ward

UniFi Protect was designed from the ground up with a focus on user-experience. Offering remote connectivity convenience of cloud based systems.

06 January 2020

WiFiman App

By Kiara Ward

This app can be useful for identifying and analysing the network in order to help optimise the performance of your Wi-Fi.