We also provide structured cabling services in a range of variations, as we know that each cabling system is unique depending on the architectural structure of the premises, the type of equipment that needs supporting and your requirements. We are able to design, install, and maintain cabling installations depending on what your needs and the equipment's needs are.

Network Cables

We are able to provide Microsoft Qualified professionals with at least 5 years experience for your every requirement. From Private Microsoft Exchange environments to fully Azure integrated cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Check the list below for just some of the technologies we can provide consultancy services for.

Patch Panels

At Tranquil we are firm believers that our clients should be free to choose from the available technology that best fits their requirements. Our Engineers and Consultants are experts in integrating all Macintosh products, including those based on iOS into Microsoft and or Linux environments. Enjoy systems that merge seamlessly with a Tranquil designed solution.

Modules and Outlets

We Love Linux at Tranquil, not just for its unmatched level of reliability, but also for its ultra low cost of deployment and simplicity. Enjoy full integration with either Microsoft Windows or MacOS environments or go fully Linux for a totally open source solution. For more information call us now on 01279 658331 and ask to speak to one of our Linux specialists.

Structured Cabling

We provide a range of different Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 key differences: estimated speed rates homes & businesses building cabling and to the cabinet cabling, interior and exterior